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What's INCLUDEd in the speaking franchise?
Module one - Building YOUR Foundation
   Building the Best YOU!  
   Zig Ziglar’s Goal Setting and Achievement Formula  
   Building Winning Relationships 

Module Two - Building Your Speaking Foundation

   Pick Your Niche (Seminar Vs. Corporate) 
   Pick Your Market 
   Perception is Reality (Building Your Speaker Image)
   How to Contact Event Planners
   Getting Video Footage 
   Products You Must Have
Module Three - Understand the Basics of Social Media Marketing

   Understand the Basics of Social Media Marketing

Module Four - Speaker Prospecting

   Your Referral System 
   Working with speaker bureaus
Module Five - Building Trust and Gaining Commitment 

   Building Trust and Gaining Commitment
   The Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.S.          
   D.I.S.C. - How to Read People and Respond 
   P.O.G.O. - Person, Organization, Goals, Obstacles 

Module Six - Course Replays
   Facebook Best Practices
   What Is Funnel Marketing
   What Technology Works Best
   Facebook Messenger Marketing
   Writing Copy That Converts
   Facebook Ads
   Youtube Ads

Module Coming Soon - Getting Paid Off Stage

   Creating and hosting your very own workshop or conference
   Creating your Three Tier Coaching Program 
   Creating and hosting your very own online courses
   Creating and hosting your own Webinars 
   How to Create your Free Plus Shipping Funnel (Authors Only) 

Amazing resources
PDF Handout List 

Contract Sent - Follow Ups
Customer Avatar Paid Events Profile
Contract - Presentation Agreement
Customer Profile
Suggested Audio Equipment List
Ways To Find Events Event Prospecting
Speaker Followup Script
Email Templates For Contacting Events
Speaker Sponsor Template
Speaker Cold Call Script
Video Equipment List
Speaker Expert Template
Email - Launch Sequence Planning
Webinar Email Sequence
List of Questions - Goldmine 
Webinar Confirmation & Registration Template
Customer Avatar Worksheet

Done For You Funnels (One Click Installation) 
*Must have ClickFunnels.com Account

   10x Pre-built Clickfunnels Website Pages  
   Closed Facebook Group Funnel 
   Free Video Giveaway Funnel 
   Free PDF Giveaway Funnel 
   Hero Funnel 
   Perfect Webinar Funnel
   Application Funnel
   3 Tier Coaching Program Funnel
   Free Plus Shipping Book Funnel 
   Event Funnel 
Bonus! MEGA Quote Poster Pack
Includes 360 Quote Posters for Social Media
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TOTAL VALUE: $42,000
 BONUS:  Lifetime access to all templates and upgrades
As a Founding Member of The Speaking Franchise you will get a Lifetime Pass to the resources you need to start your speaking career, as if you invested in a franchise, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
$91 / Week for 6 Weeks
4 weekly payments of $297
4 payments of $148.50
4 payments of $148.50
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